• Profile of Uber Executive Cameron Poetzscher

  • Posted on September 23, 2017
  • For decades before before he was chosen as Uber’s Head of Corporate Development, for which he is enormously qualified, business executive Cameron Poetzscher was highly regarded in the worlds of both business and finance. He has worked hard to develop a hard-won reputation as someone who possesses the ability to make positive changes wherever he ends up. It is likely that he earned that reputation when he worked with Goldman Sachs as a global investment professional, a position he held for more than 15 years.
    Cameron Poetzscher
    At Goldman, Cameron Poetzscher provided the best possible investment advice and guidance to many very important companies, including some large enough to be in the Fortune 50. During a long and fruitful business career, Cameron has played a critical role in a large number of pre-IPO start-ups, including many that were backed by the most prolific venture capital firms anywhere. He also has led many high-profile mergers and acquisition transactions. Cameron Poetzscher’s career has mostly focused on the technology sector, especially in the areas of telecom. Over time, he has worked with a number of iconic industry leaders and innovators, which is why he is uniquely prepared to be a leader at ride-sharing giant Uber.

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