• The Career Journey of Cameron Poetzscher

  • Posted on March 18, 2017
  • Long before tech darling Uber chose Cameron Poetzscher to play a critical role as their Head of Corporate Development, he had a long and varied career that points to his choice as being a near perfect choice. It’s worked out well, too; Cameron has been able to raise copious amounts of capital to keep the company moving forward in its growth and he has moved the company to create partnerships with other important companies that help to raise their profile.

    Before Uber. Cameron Poetzscher made his mark in the business world in other ways. For example, during 17 years as a global investment professional with Goldman Sachs, where he provided investment guidance to high-profile companies, including some in the Fortune 50. Many if this guidance had him playing a critical role in numerous complex high-profile transactions, including many mergers and acquisitions. Uber may have chosen him to guide its corporate development because he has been focused on tech and he has developed a significant network of some of that industry’s premier leaders and innovators.

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